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Today our games are available for about 10 years on Atari computers, and Atari computers (STf / STe / TT / Falcon) are not longer supported by Atari Corp. Today Atari means just some patents, some licences and obviously the trademark but all the great atari world we'd known is now finished and joigned History.

Logitron owns the rights on these 3 games :
So Logitron decided to spread these 3 games for free since the 2004/10/01 !

This is involving that you can download these 3 games in this website for free and you can spread them for free if you want too. We encourage the spreading of these 3 games because we want the Atari spirit will always survive. Because we want that good computers like the Falcon never die. Because we want the Atari fans can rediscover the joy to use their old computers. So you are all invited to put easily available these games to the most people you can, by putting them in your websites, in your FTP servers, in your BBS servers, in your abandonware websites, in your personal websites, in you P2P softwares, in your emul softwares, in your magazine CD Roms, in your meetings, in your associations, in your coding and demo parties, etc... etc...

However, Logitron keeps the rights about these games, so you can spread them for free, but you can't use them for commercial purposes. You can't neither do adaptation nor use logos, pictures, sounds, codes, stories and elements. We keep all author rights. If you want to use something for any commercial purpose, contact us before.

About RADICAL RACE, notice that we were just the editor for its firt released in 1996 so we have not the author rights about it. Contact Pentagon to have more informations about RADICAL RACE.

Abandonware Licence is not well known for people, beacause it's a new kind of licence. However we think this concept should be developped and we accept to discuss of it with you if you want...

For us the abandonware definition could be the following :
"Abandonware : Final written unilateral agreement given by the owners of the rights on an artistic creation. This agreement allows to everybody the right to spread this artistic creation for free without commercial purpose. The author keeps the moral rights, that involves the author at any time could follow the commercial exploitation but in a necessarily different or adapted form."

To contact us, it's very simple, you just have to send an email at :
do not hesitate, let us a little message to tell us what do you think about it...

And finaly, those who want to support our action, you can make a little donation easily by clicking here and following instructions.

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