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LOGITRON is a company founded in 1994. The goal of the company was to create softwares and games on Atari computers (STf / STe / TT / Falcon).
At this time Falcon was a new computer with a lot of capabilities. So we designed games especially for Falcon 030 (for example SHEER AGONY, AAZOHM KRYPHT and OPERATION SKUUM). We also did adaptation for Atari STf / STe / TT (like SHEER AGONY for ST). Moreover Logitron company has edited games of third parts studios (like RADICAL RACE for Falcon).

space invader

And a cataclysm arrived, the french part of Atari closed, and after it was the turn to the headquarter to close. Atari Corp. was dead, so we stopped our activities.
Then we became PC trader and repairer (as many of old Atari world teams).
But as we want that the spirit of Atari will still alive, we created this website to promote and spread our products.
And this is with a great pleasure that we offer to you the right to download for free under abandonware licence all the games we designed some years ago...

Enjoy it, because this is the bigger gift we can do...

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