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sheer agony box SHEER AGONY - Logitron - 1995
Code : Benoit FERNANDEZ
Graphics : Benoit FERNANDEZ
Sounds : Benoit FERNANDEZ
English Translation : Benoit FERNANDEZ
Deutch Translation : Cathy & Daniel GUIMARD
Deutch Panel : Matthieu BRUCKERT
Thanks to : Daniel GUIMARD for the Logitron logo

SHEER AGONY ATARI STF/STE Adventure game - -
SHEER AGONY FALCON CD Adventure game -
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Sheer agony manor It’s too late, you can’t go back now. You are going to die soon... However, you did know that everybody who was interested in the Kruwehl family is now dead. Dead by mysterious poisoning. And now it’s your turn to meet this tragic end. You are a good journalist, nevertheless you wrote an article on Kale Kruwehl, the current owner of the ‘‘Sheer Agony Manor’’. Now you regret this article...
No ! You must be strong. You can’t let yourself die like this. There must be a solution. And this solution has to be in the manor, inevitably...
Rush to the manor Then you remember that Kale was going to a conference organised by the Science Institute of the country. So he should not be in the manor this evening and you would be able to make some investigations. You rush into your car and you speed towards the manor. The huge forest is very dark. Moreover night is coming and there is no sign of civilisation for 20 miles around. You’d better not have a breakdown here.
An old book Suddenly you see an old wall. You follow it for about ten yards, and you reach an imposing iron gate. This is the main entrance to the Kruwehl’s estate. You park your car here. It’s cold, the sky is clear but you can hear a storm in the distance. You look at a full and bright moon in the sky. You know there will be an eclipse tonight, and you may die as the moon disappears. It is 9h44 pm, and you have until midnight to live, as your predecessors. But contrary to them, you will find the antidote, you are sure...
Manor's kitchen Sheer Agony is an adventure game. You move in different places. In these places you’ll find objects (useful or not) and other things, as clues. You can act on a lot of things, with different actions offered to you. You will need sens of logic and reflexion. Moreover the game is in real time. That means that 5 minutes in the game are really 5 minutes as in the reality. It is 9h45 pm when your quest is begining and it will be midnight when the poison will kill you. So you have just 2 hours and 15 minutes to find the antidote ! Good luck...
Stairway to hell ? Secretly design during more than 1 year, Sheer Agony is a great technical game. Excellent True Color graphics and frightening background sounds with CD quality make it a truly Falcon capability game. Indeed Sheer Agony was very appreciated by Atari magazines. Everybody said Sheer Agony was THE game Falcon expected. So if you own a Falcon, you need to have this game right now. And if you can you'd better choose the CD version.
The living room And for those who just have an Atari ST, notice that a conversion is available. Even if the ST version is not as technicaly designed than the Falcon one, you can also find this great adventure on your computer.