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aazohm krypht box AAZOHM KRYPHT - Logitron - 1996
Code : Guillaume VOLLMER
Graphics : Benoit FERNANDEZ
Sounds : Benoit FERNANDEZ
Musics : Benoit FERNANDEZ & Guillaume VOLLMER
Thanks to : Daniel GUIMARD for the Logitron logo
& Bruce CHAMPAGNOL for Packaging

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Riou RIOU the kung-fu instructor who lost respect for sport
Dany DANY the mercenary who escaped the gulf war
Ryzema RYZEMA the former classical dancer who need revenge
Wizz WIZZ the cool but violent surfer, avoid him if you can
Golden GOLDEN the mafia fighter who never known fear

Golden give a punch at Dany's bloody face Enter the merciless world of Aazohm Krypht and confront the most dreadful fighters...

Your goal is clear and simple : To be the winner first, otherwise you'll be the dead !
Riou stay as a stone in front of Dany's assaults You can fight in different places :
In front of the antic TEMPLE recycled as a huge fountain. Or near the POND, a peaceful and beautiful piece of water. Or in the CAVE where some engagements can take place discreetly. Otherwise go to the mysterious FOREST with some funeral graves. But you can also go in the middle of the burning DESERT very very hot and so flat. And to finish, try the old train station ruined as a rotted ZONE by bad dudes !
Wizz is preparing uppercut, so poor Ryzema will fly soon Uppercut, sliding kick, head butt blow, dodge crouching, fist in your face are some sweet examples that AAZOHM KRYPHT tournaments reserves to you. Each fighter has got a special hit to give more dammage. Blood flows while cry tears your hears. That's nothing, everything is normal, here we are not chickens, here we fight, here we kill !
So if you don't like pain, go back to see your mother right now...
Golden is achieving Ryzema, slurp... Aazohm Krypht is certainly the root for american Fight Clubs. Those clubs where street fighter kills others while bookmakers launches illegal bets.
You are a main actor of this disgusting world of violence and your only chance to survive is to be the best, the winner and overall the last one.
Aazohm Krypht dead head Technical design of Aazohm Krypht is at the top level for the year of release of the game. Listen this :
True Color digitalised graphics for more realism. A 100% of Motorola 68030 Assembly programmation linked to DSP 56k, the Falcon state of art. Then result is a 50 frames per second animation very playable. A hard vertical and horizontal scrolling. 5 different fighters, with add-on able. 6 different places, with add-on able. Perfect speed techno and chill-mood musics, with add-on able. All musics are stereo tracks play by DSP. Frightening background sounds with bass boost. 1 or 2 players, with 4 difficulty levels and 3 blood levels : none, bloody, and gore !

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