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operation skuum box OPERATION SKUUM - Logitron - 1996
Code : Benoit FERNANDEZ
Graphics : Benoit FERNANDEZ
Sounds : Benoit FERNANDEZ
Thanks to : Daniel GUIMARD for the Logitron logo
& Bruce CHAMPAGNOL for Packaging

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Ugly terrorists are everywhere Mission Order:
Go to a terrorist headquarter located in a secret lost island, kill everybody meet on your way, and finally dismantle an atomic bomb...
Destroy helicopter before to be hit by a roquet Hey, you are in army now,
at the ''Secret Killing Underground Unit Military'' section.
Discret, fast and furious and with no regret, you are obviously the best guy of your unit. So you are in charge of this very dangerous mission. However you have to learn how to dismantle an atomic bomb before terrorists launch it.
This top secret operation is called OPERATION S.K.U.U.M.
Harbor hides ugly terrorists Operation details :
An overspeed will let you down at 11h42 am on the beach of the terrorist secret lost island. You will probably have to kill the resistance in the harbor near the beach. You will walk through this lost island to find the warehouse where the atomic bomb is stocked. You will be alone, but you have the licence to kill. During your mission you will be able to find amos. So use them...
3 weapons to be more efficient To kill terrorists, you have 3 different weapons :
The Pistol : slow and not very efficient, but sometimes useful.
The Machinegun : fast and efficient, this uzi machinegun is the reference.
The Gun : Slow but very very efficient, it's a great weapon to shoot enemies.
Your energy and number of life are limited so it's necessary to avoid enemies shooting you.
Headquarter is not very far... Created in the ''Hembe Corp.'' studios in Saint Quantin, Operation Skuum is an excellent shooting game. Enjoy to shoot bad enemies and ugly terrorists in True Color real graphics with very fast animations and realistic sound background. With this shooting game in your Atari Falcon you will enter in the hell of the war.
A logitron falcon game for your atari Fans of arcade are happy with shooting game like Operation SKUUM. A lot of action need concentration and anticipation. Be careful because your nerves could be explode. With a game like this the Falcon shows again how this computer was in advance on its time. It's a pity that no optical pistol was available on Atari Falcon 030 to play this shooting game...

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